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Vanessa's Testimonial

West Side, LA Renovation 09.2017

"I have always been hesitant to hire an interior designer because I was afraid of how much it would cost and because I didn’t think someone else could make my home look and feel better than I could.  I had such a wonderful experience with Jill.  She did a super job of learning about how we want to use our house and finding pieces that we love.  Jill asked us about our lifestyle and practices and was able to apply our answers into making our space really work well for us.  She seemed to put a lot of thought into different options and always presented us with a few ideas and was able to articulate her choice and why she liked one approach over another.  But at the end of the day she respected my ideas and opinions and always let us make the final decision.  We didn’t have a huge budget and she was totally respectful of that and did not try to get us to spend more than we were able. In fact, she was incredibly creative about repurposing things that we already had and saving our money to use where it could get the biggest bang for the buck. She has incredible taste and found things I just wouldn’t have considered on my own and now they are some of my favorite pieces!  The best part about Jill is that she is such a nice person and easy to work with."